“Kristin approaches teaching with a thoughtfulness and sincerity that individualizes her students’ learning to best suit their growth. She cares about your personal and emotional wellbeing, always checking in, always offering a bright smile. Kristin’s soothing nature stunningly compliment her bold ideas and poetry. During my time with Kristin, I grew as a writer, as a person, as a friend, and as a thinker. She propped open my shell and allowed me to grow into the best version of myself.”  – Aastha Jain, college student

“Fariso you are the kindest. I love you. You are beautiful and amazing mentor.” – Leanne Rodriguez, 7th grade

“Fariso is an expert in her craft. Patient and supportive, she doesn’t give the answers but leads the students to self-discovery and creative expression.”  -Natasha McCleod, educator and co-founder of True Stages Theatre Company

“Kristin always brings her own light into teaching. She strengthens us as writers by allowing us to approach the classroom using our own experiences. She always connects with students making sure that we understand ourselves and she always makes us think a little bit deeper. She’s quite the personality and we all appreciate her for this. When she was my teacher, she made me dig a little deeper as well as bring a little more balance into the way i perform things. Kristin is just all around amazing” – Mabintou Bagayoko, High school senior

“Fariso Jordan is a kick-ass woman! She was my teaching artist for almost a year, and I’ve learned more from her than I do from my regular teachers. Whatever room Fariso walked in is automatically brightened and filled with amazing vibes. She was always excited to know the latest “tea” in our lives, and was always willing to give us advice. She is someone I will always look up to, for she is strong, kind, confident, and beautiful. Beautiful inside and out.” – Iselle Diaz, 11th grade

“Kristin was one of the best teachers that I’ve had. She’s super empathic and helped me to be more comfortable with myself and with my art. Going in I didn’t really know what to expect but I got an amazing woman who pushed her students to grow and understand themselves more. Kristin is super thoughtful about the exercises that we did I order to better ourselves and our work and I’m really glad that I was with her for the year.” – Victoria Caesar, 11th grade