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Fariso Jordan from Setting the Stage and Kristin Richardson Jordan from Uproar Poetry have teamed up to present…


Birthright is a writing and community theatre program in the spirit of African and African-American ancestry for students ages 12 – 21. Participants will examine past and current freedom movements, take part in personal and communal liberation through performance art, and dive into different artistic expressions while also exploring cultural identity, gender identity, and concepts of freedom.

  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and promoting self love
  • Exploring the dynamics of loving, healthy relationships
  • Encouraging students to learn more about themselves, each other, their community, and the world
  • Taking a glimpse into African and African-American cultural identity and ancestry
  • Appreciating the depth of human experience within the African diaspora
  • Growing in writing, theatre, and performance art
  • Exploring change-making through creative expression
  • Understanding equity and equality and liberation and community
  • Supporting a women’s saloon and sister circle for female and gender non-conforming participants
  • Supporting a men’s saloon and brother circle for male and gender non-conforming participants
  • Undermining stereotypes, societal norms, gender bias, racial bias, low self-esteem and self hate to build authentic versions of self- knowing each person’s inherent value
  • Enjoying ourselves and each other

Participants will learn the following skills:

Theatre Skills

Stage presence, movement, improvisation, vocal training, memorization, acting techniques, character development, storytelling, script building

Writing Skills

Brainstorming, developing a storyline with contrast and conflict, poetic devices, self and peer editing techniques

Activist Skills

Critical thinking, know your rights, advocacy techniques, grassroots organizing, self-care, community-care, community service, ancestor calls

The program will run from October 2018 to June 2019 on Sundays 2pm – 5pm, beginning on Sunday October 14th in Harlem NYC. Application deadline is September 29th, 2018.

ALL genders, ethnicities, orientations, interests, and spirit types welcome

This program is rooted in a Black liberation lens.